Econic in municipal applications.

Clean performance for urban areas.

Both cities and municipalities are faced with growing demands. One key point is providing sustainable solutions for densely-populated cities. These solutions must also combine high performance and efficiency with maximum safety for all road users. The goal is to lighten the load on municipal workers and improve air quality in polluted areas.

The answer to all these demands is the Mercedes-Benz Econic. It has been specifically engineered for urban applications. The DirectVision cab has a low seating position that extends the driver's field of vision, increasing safety in urban traffic. Modern assistance systems, an especially low entry and exit and a spacious cab further support the team of workers. eEconic electric trucks with battery-electric drivetrains are permitted to operate in low-emission zones. Both today and in the future.

One vehicle, two model series.

The Econic is available in diesel or electric versions. Both series make the most of their advantages in municipal use.

The Econic.

The diesel Econic has proven itself to be a powerful and efficient vehicle that provides maximum safety for all road users.

The eEconic.

The battery-electric eEconic produces zero local emissions, thus helping to provide sustainable solutions to the increasing environmental pollution of urban areas.

Built for urban areas.

The Econic does its job reliably and safely even in
busy urban traffic.


Waste disposal.

The Econic stands out from the crowd of urban refuse collection vehicles with its extensive safety assistance and sustainable drive systems.

Space is often tight in municipal street cleaning and refuse collection applications: narrow roads and heavy traffic lead to difficult situations. The Econic was developed as a low-floor vehicle for just this reason: good with heavy loads and more agile and ergonomic than almost any other commercial vehicle. The perfect vehicle for waste management.

  • Greater safety for crew and road users thanks to DirectVision and assistance systems
  • Ergonomic low-floor concept with low entry and exit
  • Automated manual gearbox lightens the load in stop-and-go traffic
  • Zero local emissions (eEconic)

Taking care of refuse collectors.

Edging through commuter traffic first thing in the morning, turning off into narrow residential streets full of parked cars, emptying bins and containers as quickly as possible with no time to rest – waste disposal is an important part of a modern circular economy. And it is hard work that requires great care, attention and strength. So, the Econic was designed specifically to lighten the load on waste collection crews.

The low entry and exit are easy on the spine. The modern cockpit, innovative assistance systems and extended field of view provided by its panoramic window and folding door increase driver comfort and safety. There is also space in the cab for up to four people. No wonder experienced professionals are appreciating this newcomer.

The eEconic.

The eEconic with battery-electric drivetrain is the logical next development of our efficient and environmentally-friendly truck for the cities of today and tomorrow.

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For the global and local environment.

We want maximum mobility and flexible waste disposal concepts. At the same time, we also want clean air and a high quality of life. The Econic pulls off this balancing act effortlessly. It is available with an efficient Euro VI diesel engine or innovative battery-electric drivetrain. It produces zero local emissions and is extremely quiet and economical. For freedom to operate in low-emission zones. Day and night.

Keyword: equipment.

All 25 new Econics owned by Dacorum Council are equipped with two sealed compartments that can be operated separately. This means that two waste streams – for example residual waste and recyclable food – can be collected and disposed of separately.

Clean machine.

Frankfurter Entsorgungs- und Service GmbH has found a way to combine greater efficiency with climate friendliness: the all-electric eEconic. Following an initial series of successful tests, Frankfurt is one of an exclusive number of cities trying out the special truck in refuse collection.

Cleaning safely.

Members of the municipal drainage team use an Econic 2535 with a modern vacuum body made by Assmann. They are on the road every day keeping the drains clear and clean to allow rainwater to run off the roads.

Benefits for waste disposal.

The Econic features an impressive set of clever features that benefit
the driver, crew and other road users.

Product benefits


The DirectVision cab on the Econic ensures optimum all-round visibility.

Streets lined with parked cars, tricky traffic situations, passing cyclists– everyday challenges in the waste disposal business. The Econic with DirectVision cab is perfectly adapted to cope with all this. The low seating position and panoramic glazing extend the field of vision and puts the driver at eye level with all other road users. A sophisticated mirror and camera system prevents blind spots. The outstanding all-round visibility makes manoeuvring easier and prevents hazards from arising in the first place.

In waste disposal applications, the Econic:

  • Enables direct eye contact with other road users
  • Features a mirror system for extending the field of view to cover working angles and blindspots

Everything in view.

The low seating position means the driver is at eye level with all other road users. And a better view means the driver can respond more quickly. The driver can also communicate directly with other road users by using eye contact.

Always at eye level.

Direct eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians at intersections or in queues is particularly important in busy traffic. It gives the Econic a crucial advantage over trucks with traditional high cabs.


When purchasing commercial vehicles, the primary objective of the Hong Kong authorities is to improve the safety of all road users in urban areas. From now on, 80 Econics will be raising standards in terms of safety, comfort and environmental friendliness.

Nine new custom vehicles.

In addition to the DirectVision cab, the agile Econic also has a wide range of driver assistance systems that make manoeuvring on obstructed roads or in tricky traffic situations much easier for the disposal crews working for the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council in Northern Ireland.

5-star award on the Thames.

Transport for London, the umbrella organisation that has set out the requirements for HGV  traffic in the British capital since 2001, awarded the Econic 5 stars for its extensive safety features.

Product benefits


The Econic features impressive intelligent assistance systems for greater safety.

State-of-the-art imaging and sensing systems assist Econic drivers when turning, manoeuvring, reversing or when encountering unexpected obstacles. The sensor-driven Active Brake Assist emergency braking system generates a visual and acoustic warning where there is a risk of collision and can brake automatically. Also available with pedestrian detection* on request. A crucial advantage for refuse collection on busy roads: the optional blind spot camera system* with automatic indicator. Cameras on the exterior mirrors and front and rear-view cameras show the driver colleagues or other road users in areas that are not directly visible. A 7-inch monitor can show images from up to four cameras.

In waste disposal applications, the Econic:

  • Improves crew safety and that of other road users with up to ten safety assistance systems
  • Meets the highest standards

The safety assistance systems of the Econic.

An extensive package of safety assistance systems helps the Econic driver to keep on top of things in critical situations.

The basic equipment version includes:

  • Active Brake Assist 5
  • Rain/light sensor
  • Lane Keeping Assist

The following are optionally available:

  • Blind spot camera system
  • Sideguard Assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Speed limitation when reversing
  • Automatically activated hazard warning lights
  • Work lamps
  • Preinstalled reversing assistant
  • Preinstalled vehicle surround lighting

Observe and react.

1    Blind spot camera system
2    Sideguard Assist
3    Preinstalled reversing assist
4    Active Brake Assist
5    Adaptive cruise control

Blue    Imaging systems
Red      Sensor systems

Details of all safety assistance systems.

Blind spot camera system*.

The blind spot camera system uses an ergonomically positioned monitor to display images of the vehicle's surroundings that are important for the particular driving situation. This allows the driver to keep an eye on everything that matters when reversing, manoeuvring and turning.

Sideguard Assist*.

Sideguard-Assist* detects persons on the front passenger side and alerts the driver using a warning light. If the driver disregards this and turns in the direction of the detected person, an acoustic warning signal sounds. For safe, stress-free driving.

Adaptive cruise control*.

The adaptive cruise control* monitors the distance from the vehicle in front and can automatically adjust the speed of the Econic.

Active Brake Assist 5.

Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA 5) from Mercedes-Benz can assist Econic drivers in critical situations** by issuing effective warning signals up to automatic full-stop braking. It also comes fitted as standard ex works in all new Econic models.

Lane Keeping Assist.

Lane Keeping Assist informs the driver if they unintentionally leave their lane.

Rain/light sensor.

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Work lamps*.

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Automatically activated hazard warning lamps*.

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Speed limitation when reversing*.

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Preinstalled reversing assistant*.

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Preinstalled vehicle surround lighting*.

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* Special equipment
** The system can react to stationary and moving objects and to moving pedestrians by applying partial or full-stop braking within system boundaries or within the physical limits. The driver remains fully responsible for driving the vehicle safely even in these traffic situations.

Safety equipment at a package price.

Benefit from attractive conditions for Econic (diesel) safety equipment when bought as a package.

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Product benefits


The Econic supports the driver and crew with well-thought-out solutions for waste disposal operations.

Stop the vehicle, get out, empty the bins, quickly get back in the cab and on to the next stop: waste disposal is tough physical work. The Econic has therefore been designed to lighten the load on crews. The low entry and exit has just two steps, which is good for the joints and spine and speeds up workflows. The roomy cab has space for up to four people. As the engine tunnel is omitted in the eEconic, users also benefit from being able to climb through the flat-floored cab. The well-thought-out cockpit also improves working comfort – from the multifunction steering wheel to individually-positionable body controls and emergency stop switch in the dash support.

In waste disposal applications, the Econic:

  • Lightens the load on driver and crew
  • Entry and exit in just two steps
  • Impressively ergonomic instrument arrangement
  • Shock-absorbing full air suspension on all axles

Relaxed entry and exit.

The glazed folding door of the Econic opens inwards on the safe side facing away from the traffic. This enables crew to enter and exit in an upright posture looking ahead.

Econic plus points.

Looking ahead.

Drivers can quickly grasp all important vehicle information via the instrumentation and modern display. Centrally positioned displays for imaging safety systems (optional) also allow drivers to view camera images from around the vehicle. The electrical roller sunblind provides glare protection and can even be lowered to the height of the exterior mirrors when the cameras are in use.

A multitasking master.

Thanks to its clear displays and intuitive instruments, drivers will quickly feel at home in the cockpit. For example, the premium engine brake is easy to apply using the multifunction lever on the right. Radio, telephone and instrumentation are conveniently operated from the multifunction steering wheel. Body controls can easily be integrated into the cockpit to allow the driver to check on important functions directly from the cab.

Room for productivity.

Whatever your plans for the Econic, the spacious and sophisticated cab design provides great freedom of movement and optimum working conditions. Depending on its intended use, there is space for up to three passengers. Ideal for frequent stops: When moving off, the folding door on the front passenger side closes automatically. A hinged door can also be installed depending on the intended use.

Everything in its place.

Two lockable stowage compartments provide the crew with ample storage space. Additional stowage compartments, bottle holders and cup holders on the dashboard provide space for personal items or tools.

A firm hold.

The new electronic parking brake with hold function combines easier handling, increased comfort and greater safety: It is automatically released and re-applied when moving off in Drive or Reverse if the ignition lock is in the OFF position.

Ergonomic equipment at a package price.

Benefit from attractive conditions for the Econic (diesel) ergonomic equipment package.

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Benefits of the eEconic.

Intuitive and multimedia.

The cockpit has been further developed, fully networked and is now even easier to operate. The modern and high-resolution, intuitive color display in the eEconic provides a clear presentation of all driving and vehicle information. This provides the driver with all important information, such as the charge status of the batteries, the remaining range, and the current and average energy consumption.

Everything in view.

All important vehicle information is available in the multimedia cockpit. The centrally positioned displays for optional imaging safety systems also allow drivers to view camera images from around the vehicle. The Thermocontrol windscreen ensures good visibility even in poor weather conditions.

Great freedom of movement.

The spacious cab on the eEconic provides space for the driver and up to three front passengers. The clever vehicle design means the crew benefits from ample freedom of movement and optimum working conditions. Ideal for frequent stops: When moving off, the folding door on the front passenger side closes automatically. A hinged door is also available as an option.

Always within reach.

The eEconic also provides ample stowage space. Two lockable stowage compartments, additional stowage compartments, bottle holders and cup holders on the dashboard provide space for personal items or tools.

Product benefits


Clean and economical at the same time: innovative diesel and electric motors for the Econic.

Bring your A game – as environmentally friendly and economical as you could wish for. The Econic does this effortlessly, regardless of the application. What is more, the electric version produces zero local emissions.

In waste disposal applications, the Econic:

  • Provides reliable power with its tried and tested diesel drive
  • Has zero local emissions thanks to its new battery-electric drive
  • Is especially quiet for operation around the clock

Full speed ahead into the future: the eEconic.

Anyone familiar with urban traffic will love the eEconic. It has all the advantages of the tried-and-tested diesel Econic but with additional sophisticated electric components. For optimum performance in the often hectic hustle and bustle of urban life.

  • Quiet with zero emissions
  • Designed for municipal use
  • Covers almost all typical refuse collection routes in single-shift operation on a single battery charge

Many variations.

The Econic is available in various
configurations of models and axles.

Model series

The Econic models.

From 18 to 32 t permissible gross vehicle weight.

Econic with 2 axles.

The compact Econic 2-axle vehicle has a permissible gross vehicle weight of 18 t. Depending on the application, it is available with outputs of 200/272 kW/hp, 220/299 kW/PW or 260/354 kW/hp.

Econic with 3 axles.

The Econic with 3 axles and a permissible gross vehicle weight of 26 t is ideally equipped for heavy bodies. It comes in a wide range of variants with up to two driven axles and a trailing axle for even greater manoeuvrability.

Econic with 4 axles.

With a permissible gross vehicle weight of 32 t, an output of 260/354 kW/hp and four axles, there's nothing that the Econic can't handle! With the steered trailing axle, its turning circle can be reduced to a minimum.


In its configuration as refuse collector, the eEconic is initially available with the 6x2/trailing axle configuration and a permissible gross vehicle weight of 27 t. Thanks to the battery-powered electric drivetrain, the electric truck produces zero local emissions.

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