Dream job
The Unimog team.

Automotive mechatronics technician apprenticeship.

One thing is certain: not everyone can contend with a Unimog. If you’re working on a Unimog, you’re a real specialist. And specialists are needed in workshops as truck mechatronics engineers. This profession has great potential.

The Unimog never gets boring.

Mercedes-Benz particularly encourages apprentices’ personal talents even while they are still in training. After all, Unimog has been regarded as a something truly special for generations and a real treat for any automotive mechatronics engineer to work on. While municipal trucks or vans, for example, are easy to handle and have simple designs, the versatile Unimog is much more demanding.

Be part of a legend.

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For some trainees, Unimog is actually the reason they even start this apprenticeship. It is not without reason that experts call the Unimog the Swiss army knife of the automotive industry. The commercial vehicle bearing the three-pointed star is extremely versatile and its possible areas of application and numerous implements make it unique. However, the hydraulics of the attached implements in particular are very complex. On the other hand, this also means that if you can handle the Unimog, you can handle anything.

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