Econic in fire service deployment.

Fast on the scene. And absolutely limitless.

Hectic traffic and time pressure: an extreme challenge for fire brigade personnel. Also, especially in bigger cities, difficult traffic situations and narrow roads with parked cars make it hard to reach the scene. As an emergency services vehicle, the Econic meets the highest standards: with a low overall height, excellent all-round visibility, compact wheelbase, automatic gearbox and powerful, environmentally friendly engine. With its ergonomic entry and interior, it reduces strain on the crew and provides a maximum of flexibility with variable body options.

Helps in all operations.

The Econic offers customised
solutions for fire brigades.


Water tender vehicle.

With sufficient volume for extinguishing water and equipment, the Econic is ready for use day and night to keep people safe.

Thanks to its excellent all-round visibility, the low-entry vehicle is ideally suited as a modern industrial fire-fighting truck. On the one hand, the driver has a good view of busy traffic at all times and on the other, a good all-around view of fire-fighting operations  from the cab . It's also possible to install water cannons on the bumper, which can be operated from the cab using a joystick while driving.

The finishing touch.

Firefighters and body manufacturers agree: as an industrial fire-fighting vehicle, the Econic 2635 will deliver exactly what it promises – solutions for a wide range of fire-fighting dangers.

Bring on the water!

The Mercedes-Benz Ludwigsfelde works fire brigade counts on the Econic. With this compact fire-fighting rescue vehicle, a six-person fire brigade crew is able to reach the scene quickly and safely along with extensive fire-fighting equipment and technical assistance.

Brand new in town.

Since 2021, if you happened to be passing through Tokyo, you may have spotted a new Econic 2635 L with a 10,000-litre water tank – painted vermillion red to match the colours of the Japanese  national flag and with the sun symbol on the front. Its mission: reach fires faster and more flexibly, wherever they may be.


Turntable ladder.

The Econic is optionally available with a low cab, which offers more space for ladder bodies. For reliable urban rescue.

Whether it be tight urban traffic in a bustling metropolis or a medieval old town with cobblestones, half-timbered houses and narrow roads – urban conditions are often not designed for vehicles with the dimensions of trucks. This poses a challenge for fire brigades when it comes to putting together and operating their fleet of vehicles. With its low height, fully automatic gearbox, steered trailing axle, ambient lighting, ample  storage space and maximum safety combined with sophisticated turntable ladder designs by experienced body manufacturers, the Econic offers the perfect solution!

A helping hand when things get tight.

In critical situations, long turntable ladders are also needed to ensure rapid protection of beautiful historic buildings without having to take lengthier routes in the city centre. The solution: an innovative, extremely flat turntable ladder structure from Rosenbauer on an Econic chassis.

A high flyer with turntable ladder.

During an exercise in Denmark's Haderslev, the Special Truck with ladder body showed just what it is capable of. Its key advantages: ergonomics, body compatibility, low design height, engine and gearbox.

The Number One in Tokyo.

The Econic 1835 L was originally ordered for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. This is because the vehicle, including the turntable ladder with a total height of 3.14 m, fits through the numerous underpasses leading to the Olympic Village effortlessly.


Aerial rescue platform.

The Econic bears heavy bodies and also great responsibility: it's considered the ideal base vehicle for an aerial rescue platform.

The low cab height in particular is a huge advantage because the overall height of the vehicle is kept as low as possible, even with the body fitted. This makes it possible to use a body with a relatively low centre of gravity, which is crucial when turning quickly and driving  across tight roundabouts, as only then is tipping-proof driving guaranteed.

Fire-fighter with no fear of heights.

Bodybuilder WISS configures hydraulic rescue platforms for the Econic. They are primarily used in those locations that would be hard to reach for traditional rescue services without engineering skills: lofty heights and tricky recovery sites.


Equipment/set-up trolley.

One vehicle, one thousand possible applications.

The Econic is available ex works in a wide range of chassis variants and with standardised body interfaces. Each model offers optimum support in use. The Econic's versatility increases commercial vehicle efficiency enormously: vehicles are often replaced by several fire-fighting and logistics vehicles as well as roll-off containers, etc.

Outstanding application flexibility.

Roll-off container.

Equipped with a swap-body concept, the Econic is particularly versatile. Fire brigades can equip the vehicle with different roll-off containers , making them ready for any type of deployment within just a few minutes.

Equipment transportation.

The Econic with liftgate and dray brings the required equipment directly to the place of use. Special storage compartments and  containers offer plenty of storage space for all kinds of necessities, from heavy boots to thermal imaging cameras.


The Econic with cable winch offers powerful support, for example when recovering vehicles involved in an accident.

Tow truck.

With a radio-controlled recovery platform, rear-mounted wheel lifts and, if required, also special retaining bars for single-track motor vehicles, the Econic cuts a fine figure as a tow truck too.

The Winnenden fire brigade uses the Econic's versatility to the max.

Equipped for every application.

Andreas Münch, Deputy Department Commander, says that in order to be able to respond to any crisis, the fire service needs creativity and flexibility. Thanks to two Econic trucks with swap-body design, Winnenden voluntary fire service is equipped for every mission.

Professionals at work.

Bayer AG’s works fire brigade is also supported by experienced fire fighting pros: two multifunctional Mercedes-Benz Econic HTLF 40/20-5 with liftgate. They're replacing  a total of five firefighting and logistics vehicles as well as six roll-off containers at the plant.

Blues and twos... and tows.

An Econic towing vehicle keeps the Wiener Neudorf volunteer fire brigade safe on the road. This three-axle vehicle – which sports a steered trailing third axle and a special body – is powered by a six-cylinder diesel engine and, thanks to its remote-controlled recovery platform and rear-mounted wheel lifts, forms an integral part of the fire service's technical line-up.

Custom Tailored Trucks: Individualisation at manufacturer quality.

With a cab that can be either low or high, an engine that can run on either diesel or natural gas, four different axle variants and wheelbases ranging from 3,450 to 5,700 mm, the Econic is perfectly suited to a whole range of sectors and tasks. But it wouldn't be a Mercedes-Benz truck if it didn't go one step further to meet even the most specific of requirements. Besides the high-quality vehicles manufactured in volume series production, Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT) also offers complex modifications and individual solutions tailored to your everyday needs: from the transfer of individual components to highly complex axle modifications. Order an individually tailored system built to the same standards as in series production.

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Benefits for rescue.

With its smart features that benefit
driver, crew and other road users alike, the Econic is bound to impress.

Product benefits


The Econic's DirectVision and periphery/background illumination make operations safer.

No more unnecessarily slow driving: the Econic's innovative DirectVision cab helps you to anticipate while out on the road. While you are driving, the direct view at eye level and the fully-glazed folding door on the co-driver's side give you a clear view of vulnerable road users. And when you reach the scene, you can find your bearings quickly – assess the situation, find hydrants, manoeuvre, choose the best stopping point. For operation in the dark, the surround lighting also gives you a full view at all times.

The Econic in fire-fighting action:

  • Relieves strain on driver thanks to low seating position
  • Enables direct eye contact with other road users
  • Offers a sophisticated camera and mirror system to extend field of vision

Keep an eye on everything.

The low seating position brings the driver down to eye level with all road users. Seeing more means you can react more quickly. What's more, the driver is able to make eye contact with other road users and so communicate with them directly.

Always at eye level.

Direct eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians at intersections or in queues is particularly important in hectic traffic. And an advantage over trucks with a classic high cab, which can be decisive.

Product benefits


The Econic's impressive smart assistance systems guarantee greater safety.

State-of-the art imaging and sensor systems provide additional assistance when turning, manoeuvring and reversing or when encountering unexpected obstacles. The sensor-supported Active Brake Assist emergency braking system can provide a visual and acoustic warning in the event of a risk of collision and brake automatically. It's also available with pedestrian detection* as an option. A key advantage on busy roads: the optional blind spot camera system* with automated display. Exterior mirror cameras as well as front and rear-view cameras can make colleagues or other road users visible in areas that are not directly visible – on a 7-inch monitor with display of up to four camera images.

The Econic in fire-fighting action:

  • Increases the safety of the crew and other road users with up to ten safety assistance systems
  • Meets the highest standards

The Econic safety assistance systems.

A comprehensive package of safety assistance systems help Econic drivers keep a good overview of critical situations.

The equipment scope includes the following:

  • Active Brake Assist 5
  • Rain/light sensor
  • Lane Keeping Assist

The following options are available:

  • Blind spot camera system
  • Sideguard Assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Speed limiting  when reversing
  • Hazard warning lights can be activated automatically
  • Work lamps
  • Pre-installation for a reversing assistant
  • Pre-installation of ambient lighting for body

Observation and reaction.

1    Blind Spot Camera System
2    Sideguard Assist
3    Pre-installation for Reversing Assist
4    Active Brake Assist
5    Adaptive Cruise Control

Blue    imaging systems
Red     sensory systems

All safety assistance systems up close.

Blind spot camera system*.

The blind spot camera system* shows  exactly those images of the vehicle's surroundings that are important for the driving situation, all on an ergonomically positioned monitor, making everything relevant  to the driver in view as they reverse, manoeuvre or turn.

Sideguard Assist*.

Sideguard Assist* can detect people on the passenger side of the vehicle and warn  the driver with a light signal. If this is ignored and the vehicle continues to turn  in the direction of the detected person, a warning tone sounds. For safe, stress-free  driving.

Adaptive cruise control*.

Adaptive cruise control* manages the distance to the vehicle driving in front  and can automatically adjust the Econic's speed.

Active Brake Assist 5.

Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA 5) from Mercedes-Benz supports Econic drivers in critical situations** – from effective warning tones to automatic maximum full-stop braking. As standard in all new Econic vehicles ex factory.

Lane Keeping Assist.

Lane Keeping Assist alerts the driver  if the truck leaves its lane unintentionally.

Rain and light sensor.

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Work lamps*.

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Hazard warning lights* can be activated automatically.

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Speed limiter, reversing*.

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Pre-installation for reversing assistant*.

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Pre-installation for ambient lighting for body*.

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* Special equipment
* *Within the system limits or within physical limits, the system can react with partial or maximum full-stop braking and is able to detect moving objects or moving pedestrians. In these traffic situations, the driver still remains fully responsible for driving the vehicle safely.

Safety equipment at a package price.

Don't miss out on the safety equipment package's attractive terms and conditions.

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Product benefits


Sophisticated solutions like the low entry concept relieve strain on driver and crew during rescue operations.

Depending on the operation, the equipment of each firefighter can weigh up to 45 kg, making the Mercedes-Benz Econic's low entry concept both health and exertion-sparing. The low entry with just two steps reduces the strain on the pros, who need all their strength in an emergency to put out the fire. Up to four people can stand and sit comfortably in the spacious cab. There is also enough space to store all equipment in the best possible way so that everything is quickly to hand. The crew can leave the vehicle conveniently forwards via the folding door on the side facing away from traffic. It's even got full protective equipment.

The Econic in fire-fighting action:

  • Relieves strain on driver and crew
  • Entrance and exit in just two steps
  • Impresses with an ergonomic instrument arrangement
  • Features shock-absorbing full air suspension on all axles

Getting in and out in comfort.

The glazed folding door opens inwards and provides access on the safer side away from the traffic. This enables upward-facing entry and exit with a forwards view. Ergonomic access was also a priority on the driver’s side.

At a glance.

  • Exertion-saving, rapid entry and exit via two steps
  • Spacious cab with lots of space to move and for storage
  • Standing height of up to 192 cm
  • High operating comfort, Allison 6-speed automatic transmission
  • Comfortable through-access to the driver's seat
  • Pneumatic, fully glazed folding door on the side facing away from traffic
  • Air-sprung driver’s suspension seat
  • Height-adjustable full air suspension on all axles

Simple operation so you can focus on what's really important.

In hectic situations, it can be hard to stay focused. This is where the Econic comes in: supporting the driver with intuitively arranged instruments, multifunctional steering wheel buttons and clear dashboards, with enough space next to them for radio equipment. The automatic transmission allows the driver to concentrate on traffic, especially on fast journeys.

Low cab.

Low cab.


  • Designed for distribution vehicles, fire service emergency services vehicles with turntable, vehicle transporter as well as front and side loader disposal vehicles Low weight Robust aluminium space cage


  • Low vehicle height (2,380 mm) Driving through low underpasses or thoroughfares Low entry height Optimisation of payload Ergonomically designed interior High safety standard


With the instrument cluster and modern display, the driver has all important vehicle data available at a glance. The centrally positioned displays for the optional image-based safety assistance systems also allow the driver access to camera images of the vehicle surroundings. An electric roller sun blind, which can even be closed up to the level of the exterior mirrors when the cameras are in use, prevents sun glare.

Great at multitasking.

The clear displays and intuitive instruments in the cockpit help the driver to quickly feel at home. The powerful premium engine brake is, for example, activated with ease using the right-hand multi-function lever. The radio, telephone and instrument cluster are all easy to operate using the multi-function steering wheel. Controls for the body can also be integrated into the cockpit with ease, enabling the driver to directly control important functions from within the cab.

Space to be productive!

Whatever your plans for your Econic, its spacious cab offers huge freedom of movement and its well-engineered design creates the best possible working conditions. Depending on the field of operation, there's room for up to three passengers. Ideal for frequent stops: When pulling away, the folding door on the passenger side closes automatically. Depending on the field of operation, a hinged door can also be installed.

Room for everything!

Two lockable stowage compartments give the crew sufficient place to store items. Additional stowage compartments as well as bottle holders and cupholders in the armrests also provide space for personal belongings or tools.

Stop safely.

The new, electronic parking brake with HOLD function combines simpler handling, greater comfort and a higher level of safety: it is automatically released when setting off with the transmission in position "D" or "R" and is re-engaged when the ignition is switched to the "OFF" position.

Ergonomic equipment at a package price.

Don't miss out on the Econic (Diesel)'s ergonomic equipment package's attractive terms and conditions!

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Product benefits

Drive system.

Econic is in dynamic use.

In an emergency, you've got to reach your destination fast – no problem for the Econic. The powerful BlueTec-6 engines have an impressively high torque at low engine speeds. Combined with an Allison 6-speed automatic transmission with intuitive shift logic, they generate just the driving dynamics needed in an emergency.

The Econic in fire-fighting action:

  • Delivers reliable power with proven diesel drive
  • Supports drivers with intuitive gearshift logic

A wide range of different variants.

The Econic is available in a range of
model and axle configurations.

Model series

The Econic models.

18 t to 32 t gross vehicle weight.

Econic with 2 axles.

The compact Econic 2-axle vehicle has a permissible gross vehicle weight of 18 t. Depending on the application, it is available with outputs of 200/272 kW/hp, 220/299 kW/PW or 260/354 kW/hp.

Econic with 3 axles.

The Econic with 3 axles and a permissible gross vehicle weight of 26 t is ideally equipped for heavy bodies. It comes in a wide range of variants with up to two driven axles and a trailing axle for even greater manoeuvrability.

Econic with 4 axles.

With a permissible gross vehicle weight of 32 t, an output of 260/354 kW/hp and four axles, there's nothing that the Econic can't handle! With the steered trailing axle, its turning circle can be reduced to a minimum.

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