The Unimog implement carrier.

Up for any challenge.

Flexible attachment and mounting options, year-round use, cost-effective operation, safe on the road and robust off-road. The Unimog implement carrier – built to be a versatile machine with one goal in mind: make flexibility as efficient as possible.

A unique vehicle concept.

With its versatile range of applications, the Unimog implement carrier
is bound to win you over.

Vehicle concept

Setting the standards. Redefining what's possible.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog has been specifically developed as an implement carrier. And so, the Unimog has many specific advantages, which are plain to see as it goes about its daily work.

Its operating safety and reliability as well as outstanding system design and implement carrier expertise have made the Unimog an absolute pro equipment carrier for over 75 years. This is thanks to the fact that the "Universal-Motor-Gerät" (universally applicable motorised device) – as it was originally known – is a vehicle which was specifically developed with these aims in mind. By combining the expertise of international qualified equipment and body manufacturers with the specific expertise shared by the Unimog partners, a system has been produced that is unparalleled in its flexibility and productivity. Despite all the things it can do, its dimensions have been kept extremely compact – and it's for this specific reason that this implement carrier is effective virtually wherever it's used.

Discover now (mobile also in AR)

Discover now (also in AR)



standardised attachment interfaces the implement carrier offers.

12.6 m

is the minimal turning circle that allows the Unimog manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces.

365 days a year

the Unimog is ready for action thanks to its many equipment options.

Values that impress.

The value for money Unimog has:

  • High capacity utilisation with a wide range of applications 
  • Low fuel, AdBlue® and engine oil consumption
  • Modern, efficient and series-tested engine technology
  • Long maintenance intervals (1,400 operation hours) for low maintenance costs
  • Maintenance-friendly cooling system
  • Powerful premium engine brake
  • Chassis preservation 

The high performance Unimog has:

  • High-torque engines up to 260 kW (354 hp) and 1380 Nm max. torque
  • High-performance gearbox with practically-oriented graduation
  • VarioPower® power hydraulics for high productivity
  • Weight optimisation for high load capacity and load ratings
  • Fully proportional working hydraulics for sensitive implement control
  • Vehicle speed of up to 89 km/h

The environmentally friendly Unimog has:

  • Modern and efficient engine generation compliant with Euro VI emissions standard
  • Low emission and particulate levels
  • Low fuel consumption 

The user-friendly Unimog has:

  • Intuitive operating concept
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Modern and ergonomic interior
  • Adjustable steering column
  • High-performance heating and cooling system
  • Optional TireControl plus central tyre inflation system with practical default settings
  • Comfort steering 
  • Unique VarioPilot® transferable steering system

The agile Unimog has:

  • Compact dimensions for manoeuvring in confined spaces
  • Short wheelbases starting from 2,800 mm
  • A turning circle similar to that used in passenger cars for outstanding agility and manoeuvrability
  • Rear axle steering 
  • Comfort steering with electromotive power steering

The practical Unimog has:

  • Generous panoramic cab for optimum visibility when at work
  • Camera monitoring system with up to three cameras to improve close-range field of vision
  • Active and passive safety package
  • Roof-mounted windscreen wiper system
  • Standardised interfaces for fast device replacement

The innovative Unimog has:

  • Synergetic EasyDrive traction drive, enabling the Unimog to work continuously from 0 to 50 km/h
  • EasyDrive enables seamless switching between working and driving modes

The value for money Unimog has:

  • High capacity utilisation with a wide range of applications 
  • Low fuel, AdBlue® and engine oil consumption
  • Modern, efficient and series-tested engine technology
  • Long maintenance intervals (1,400 operation hours) for low maintenance costs
  • Maintenance-friendly cooling system
  • Powerful premium engine brake
  • Chassis preservation 

The high performance Unimog has:

  • High-torque engines up to 260 kW (354 hp) and 1380 Nm max. torque
  • High-performance gearbox with practically-oriented graduation
  • VarioPower® power hydraulics for high productivity
  • Weight optimisation for high load capacity and load ratings
  • Fully proportional working hydraulics for sensitive implement control
  • Vehicle speed of up to 89 km/h

The environmentally friendly Unimog has:

  • Modern and efficient engine generation compliant with Euro VI emissions standard
  • Low emission and particulate levels
  • Low fuel consumption 

The user-friendly Unimog has:

  • Intuitive operating concept
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Modern and ergonomic interior
  • Adjustable steering column
  • High-performance heating and cooling system
  • Optional TireControl plus central tyre inflation system with practical default settings
  • Comfort steering 
  • Unique VarioPilot® transferable steering system

The agile Unimog has:

  • Compact dimensions for manoeuvring in confined spaces
  • Short wheelbases starting from 2,800 mm
  • A turning circle similar to that used in passenger cars for outstanding agility and manoeuvrability
  • Rear axle steering 
  • Comfort steering with electromotive power steering

The practical Unimog has:

  • Generous panoramic cab for optimum visibility when at work
  • Camera monitoring system with up to three cameras to improve close-range field of vision
  • Active and passive safety package
  • Roof-mounted windscreen wiper system
  • Standardised interfaces for fast device replacement

The innovative Unimog has:

  • Synergetic EasyDrive traction drive, enabling the Unimog to work continuously from 0 to 50 km/h
  • EasyDrive enables seamless switching between working and driving modes

Chassis expertise: There's nothing that can phase a Unimog.

With its sophisticated chassis design based on its sturdy ladder frame, it's able to carry on working in tough conditions to master even the most difficult of challenges. Characteristic features are permanent all-wheel drive, great ground clearance resulting from the use of portal axles, high level of driving comfort, excellent axle articulation and differential locks on both axles. The equipment carrier's single tyres, TireControl plus central tyre inflation system and optimal weight distribution mean that it's in its element when off the beaten track – and with a speed of up to 89 km/h, it's great on surfaced roads too!

Implement carrier expertise: the all-year-round all-rounder.

The Unimog implement carrier has more than earned its reputation as a grafter. It delivers top-level performance in the most diverse of areas, 365 days a year. And it's all down to the Unimog's impressive four attachment and mounting areas. The hydraulic, mechanical and electrical connections for the implements make operation particularly flexible and provide the right drive system for each of the more than 1000 applications possible with this vehicle.

Product benefits that set the standards.

Compact, safe, ergonomic, with versatile drive options:
The Unimog can do almost anything.

Product benefits


The Unimog is still one of the most compact commercial vehicles in its weight and performance class. Its power is plain to see in practically every situation.

Our engineers at Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks are working on developing the Unimog every day, but it always keeps its typical features like compact dimensions and small turning circles. In particular, its short front-end dimensions, low overall height and narrow width offer enormous advantages when working. After all, the Unimog has not only been designed to use its power on wide roads, but in smaller spaces too. This makes the equipment carrier especially productive. Because getting through narrow streets and manoeuvring in tight spaces has now been made simple – and quicker too!

  • Compact dimensions with outstanding working characteristics
  • Short wheelbase from 2.8 m
  • Turning circle similar to that used in passenger cars from 12.6 m in U 219
  • Auxiliary rear axle steering additionally increases manoeuvrability in U 423-U 535

Turning circle:
Truck 15.2 m | Unimog from 12.6 m | Passenger car 11.0 m

All-wheel steering.

The all-wheel steering option enhances the Unimog's already high levels of manoeuvrability even further: it reduces the turning circle by around 20%, keeping the vehicle easy to manoeuvre in virtually every situation and almost completely eliminating the need for backing up around tight bends.

With its all-wheel steering, the Unimog can also be driven with all wheels rotating in the same direction – so-called crab steering. This mode offsets the downhill force when working on sidewards inclines and also has advantages when working on snow banks. In rear axle steering mode, the rear wheels tighten the turn, making reversing so much easier.

Compact and yet more compact: the Unimog U 219.

This vehicle stands out from the crowd with an extremely short wheelbase of 2,800 mm, a turning circle of 12.6 m, compact vehicle dimensions and a permissible gross weight of 7.5 –10 t, making it possible for this Unimog to work in the tightest of spaces, from old town quarters to low bridges. Its smaller wheels makes its overall height lower too.

Fighting fires in the tightest of spaces.

Narrow alleys, dense forest paths, and no time to lose: Fire service vehicles must meet the highest standards. Together with the Italian body manufacturer BAI,  Unimog's general representative Henne Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH and Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks are now proud to present an extremely agile equipment variant of the Unimog.

Manoeuvrability matters.

Heiko Kohn, Head of HK Service in Midlum on the island of Föhr, has chosen a U 427 with a length of 3.15 m and attachment plate and K80 mounting for a dump truck. It's perfect for him. "We can get into any yard with it, we’ve got the flexibility to set down the skips almost anywhere."

Product benefits


As a state-of-the-art commercial vehicle, the Unimog makes no compromises when it comes to safety. With its active and passive safety systems, Unimog users and other road users alike are kept well protected.

Its key features are: short front-end assembly and panoramic cab for outstanding forwards visibility, directional stability, ABS, precision steering, optimal axle load distribution and low-vibration cab with three-point seat belt and headrest.

The exterior design with a windscreen wiper system fitted to the roof guarantees optimal windscreen cleaning, while the headlamps with daytime driving lights improve visibility and vehicle perception. The optional front-end camera and monitoring system also improves vision in the vicinity just ahead of the vehicle and makes the mounting of implements easier at the front.

  • Panoramic cab
  • Lane stability
  • ABS
  • Optimum axle load distribution
  • Cab stability in accordance with ECE-R29/3

Camera system with monitor.

Optimising the view and simultaneously facilitating the coupling of implements are the two main advantages of the optional camera system. This includes a front-mounted and rear-mounted camera, as well as a freely-positionable additional camera for mounted implements. The camera images are shown on a monitor in the interior. The driver has the area directly around the vehicle in view and, when changing implements, also has a perfect view of the front attachment plate.

Panoramic cab.

The front-end dimensions and the position of the driver are especially important when working with front-mounted implements. The Unimog's dimensions are well below the legal standard limit of 3.5 m, even with implements attached.

Excellent driving performance.

Its balanced axle load ratio is particularly helpful to Unimog drivers when driving around corners on slippery road surfaces.

Enhanced occupant safety.

The reinforcements to the cab underbody and the new tubular frame make the Unimog cab compliant with the ECE-R29/3 standard for cab stability. 

For greater safety on construction sites.

Sadly, collisions are no unusual occurrence, particularly on construction sites, and they sometimes have serious consequences. Careless drivers overlook bottlenecks or blockages and collide with safety vehicles. The Dutch company Verdegro has developed a new impact cushioning system.

Hydropneumatic suspension.

The hydropneumatic suspension is a suspension system that works in conjunction with hydraulic components. In this process, gas is compressed or decompressed by an oil volume change, resulting in a springing effect. By using hydraulic cylinders, spring mechanisms, hydraulic valves, sensors and a control unit, the vehicle suspension fulfils many functions. The suspension system uses the displacement sensors to hold the frame level of the vehicle in the same position. Available for the U 400 and U 500 series.

It's active and passive suspension combined!

The hydropneumatic suspension also works as passive suspension when the engine and suspension system are switched off. However, when the engine is running and the suspension is activated, the frame level of the vehicle is also automatically held in a stable position by using displacement sensors and taught-in centre position.

The Unimog's hydropneumatic suspension can be used in four functions. Adjustment is carried out using a button in the cab.

  • Springs (AUTOMATIC)
  • Lifting (LIFT)
  • Lowering (LOWER)
  • Set axle to fixed position (LOCK)


  • Optimum vehicle stability even with tall bodies
  • Fixed frame height irrespective of load condition and load distribution
  • Optimum driving comfort and lateral guidance when driving around corners and on uneven surfaces
  • Manual axle adjustment for frame adjustment in relation to bodies and attachments as well as coupling and uncoupling aid for rear attachments
  • Automatic load compensation in the case of loads on just one side, for example when carrying boom mowers
  • Fixed rear axle for setting the frame height (suspension via tyre pressure)
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TireControl plus.

With its "TireControl plus" tyre pressure control system for fast switching between on- and off-road driving, when it comes to off-road use, this Unimog is an absolute must. The TireControl plus system also makes it particularly soil-friendly during agricultural use and gives it better traction on difficult terrain, as well as fast progress on paved roads.

Product benefits


Climb aboard, make yourself at home, and away you go! We listened to the comments and suggestions of countless users in order to develop a cab with a user-friendly and ergonomic interior.

This includes a comfortable seating position, intuitive implement operation with the multifunction joystick and a fast overview of all the vehicle displays in the instrument cluster. These improvements have contributed in no small way to greater safety and ease of operation, guaranteeing that in the Unimog, work and comfort go hand in hand.

  • Low vibration workplace
  • Comfortable seating position
  • Multifunction joystick
  • Instrument cluster
  • Comfortable steering
  • Hydropneumatic axle suspension

Offering the best working conditions: the operating concept.

People who don't just drive from A to B but who need their vehicle for tough day-to-day work have different requirements when it comes to operation and comfort. The comfortable cab and a cockpit that has been adapted to perfectly meet users' needs together create the best possible working conditions. This leaves you free to focus all your energy on carrying out all your tasks... and to be comfortable while doing so too! All controls are located within easy reach: just one way that the Unimog makes your life easier.

Tidy interior.

Along with the low vibration cab, the optional air-sprung and low vibration help reduce fatigue. Anyone spending longer periods of time in the cab will appreciate the efficient air-conditioning and heating system, which guarantees a comfortable temperature on the inside, whatever the weather on the outside. What's more, in winter, the heated seating can be switched on. And so that work can begin at any time, there's a programmable auxiliary heating system. Heated windows and mirrors ensure give you a clear view right from the word go.

And there are loads more practical touches just waiting to be discovered – like extra storage compartments and a DAB radio with Bluetooth® hands-free system.

Centre console.

In the centre console, the removable multifunction joystick can be used to control the working functions and working speed. It's also used to operate the synchronised Electronic Quick Reverse (EQR) reversing group.

Instrument cluster.

The instrument cluster's large and bright screen displays all important information like oil level, air pressure and hydraulic system settings.

Steering-column lever.

Driving functions like the gear-change, engine brake (on the right) and the EasyDrive hydrostatic drive system (on the left) are integrated into the steering column controls.

Multifunction steering wheel.

The multifunction steering wheel fits snugly into your hand and allows for easy access to the instrument cluster and hands-free system displays.

Steering column.

The standard height and  tilt-adjustable steering column creates the best seating position  for the driver.

Comfort steering.

Electromotive power steering reduces the force needed for steering,  increasing driving comfort and ergonomics. The system works on a speed-dependent basis and is adapted to the respective driving situation. For example, the comfort steering creates a variable steering feel adapted to the driving situation, even with heavy front-mounted implements and bulky tyres.

Vario-Pilot® transferable steering system.

To provide the best simultaneous view of the road  and working area, the Unimog has the option of being equipped with the practical  VarioPilot® transferable steering system. This allows the driver to change seating position   to the other side of the vehicle, depending on the type of work that is being carried out.

In combination with the optional glass mowing door, users have a perfect view of the implements when mowing or maintaining roadside verges.

Right-hand/left-hand variable steering:

  • Changing of the steering wheel position including instrument panel and pedals in under 30 s
  • The best seating position for any job
  • Assists with one-person operation and improves efficiency, especially for operations like mowing and sweeping
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Product benefits

Drive systems.

The Unimog features many innovative transport solutions to increase efficiency.

Leading technologies make a major contribution to sustainability, environmental friendliness, and CO2 and fuel reduction. But what is all this technology based on? A drivetrain with the latest common-rail diesel engines, a powerful transmission and robust axles, enabling high payload values across all models.


  • Transfer case with permanent all-wheel drive
  • EPS gearshift with 8 forwards and 6 reverse gears
  • Expandable by 6 or 16 gears with crawler, working and off-road gear groups
  • Reversible gearshift for fast direction changes
  • Comfortable operation
  • Long service life
  • EasyDrive combines hydrostatic and mechanical traction drive
  • Practical AutomaticShift takes the strain off the user with automated clutch and gear changes


  • State-of-the-art, high-torque 4- and 6-cylinder engines from 140 to 260 kW (190 to 354 hp)
  • Up to 1,380 Newton metres of torque
  • Compliance with the Euro VIe emissions standard
  • Large displacement, high torque, smooth running, low fuel consumption

Axles and wheels.

  • Strong axles for high load values
  • Pneumatic disc brakes
  • Aluminium rims for increased payload
  • TireControl plus tyre pressure control system with practical pre-setting

High efficiency.

In the Unimog, the fully synchronised electro-pneumatic gear shift system with its eight forwards and six reverse gears provides the tractive force. Can be expanded by 6 or 16 gears. It is characterised by its particularly smooth driving style, a long service life and great efficiency. And the synchronised Electronic Quick Reverse feature makes it easier to change direction quickly, like when clearing or manoeuvring. There is the option of a forwards-reverse switch, which is integrated into the multifunction joystick.

Fast and easy cleaning of the cooling system.

The cooling system and component arrangement ensure the cooling of all units, even when ambient temperatures are high, driving speeds low and jobs exceedingly dirt-intensive. Cleaning of the radiator is also very easy: simply open the grille and blow the filter clean with the compressed air pistol. The radiator can also be cleaned automatically – with the optional reversing fan (reversing the airflow) which features multi-timer interval control.

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Easy-Drive – the innovative traction drive system.

Perfectly tailored to the occasion: the synergetic traction drive.

The EasyDrive synergetic traction drive combines the advantages of a fuel-saving manual transmission with an infinitely variable hydrostatic traction drive. When put to work, its benefits are plain to see: working speed can be set steplessly and independently of engine speed, and can be maintained at that level with the cruise control function. And if you need to move between work locations, you can easily switch between infinitely variable and mechanical transmission modes while the vehicle is in motion. This system makes work easier for the user, increasing productivity.

Easy-Drive control is simple:

  • With accelerator pedal and brake
  • Using the working cruise control
  • With the left-hand drop arm
  • With the multifunction joystick

Technologically innovative.

And it's all down to the traction drive: this is tailored precisely to the job at hand, making it possible to use the continuously variable speed settings in a much wider speed range from 0 to 50 km/h, in so doing making EasyDrive extremely efficient and a doddle to operate. The optimised high pressure regulation achieves much higher traction, considerably improving the Unimog implement carrier's performance. EasyDrive allows the driver to change between mechanical and hydrostatic drive while the vehicle is in motion, helping you to work efficiently with optimised speed and economical driving.

Automated shifting with AutomaticShift.

Two drive programmes help reduce the driver's workload: in automatic mode "A", the drive program handles gear changes and clutch operation completely by itself, regardless of load, accelerator position, engine operation, climbs/inclines or engine brake. However, if it becomes necessary for the driver to manually change gear using the multifunction lever, this is also possible.

And the "M" drive programme (manual) offers complete control. Here, gear selection is also made using the multifunction lever. The driver chooses the gear, while clutch operation occurs automatically.

AutomaticShift (EAS) with dual-pedal operation (accelerator/brake) is available for the U 435 and U 535 models. The optimised gearshift tuning makes gear changes noticeably quicker and clutch wear and tear significantly reduced. This makes life easier for you, the driver, especially for gearshift-intensive vehicle tasks – so you can concentrate better on the surrounding traffic and on the task at hand.

Effortless changing between working and driving modes.

The drive-work mode is a huge help in everyday operations: when mowing, for example, if a section has been completed, the manual transmission can be actuated easily and speedily.

This is how it's done: when the maximum speed of 50 km/h is reached for the hydrostatic drive, the switch to manual transmission is made either by actuating the clutch, or there's the option for this to take place automatically.

And so, merging into lanes of moving traffic is made faster and safer. And with EasyDrive, the decision as to which drive mode is best is taken without the need to brake.

Further advantages:

  • Gears can be changed while driving
  • Rapid change between manual transmission and hydrostatic traction drive
  • Simple operation and activation
  • Work mode for working with constant engine speed
  • Drive mode for continuous speed change between 0 and 50 km/h
  • Selection between operations-orientated driving conditions "efficient", "comfortable" and "powerful"
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The fully proportional working hydraulics.

With the working hydraulics, implements can be accurately controlled with minimum effort.

Two positioning movements can be done at the same time – simply by using the multifunction joystick. Further functions can be set using the steering wheel buttons. Larger trailer tipping cylinders can also be filled with up to 30 litres of hydraulic oil. Circuit I controls up to eight implement adjustments with a system pressure of 210 bar (32 l/min) over four dual-operation valves. Alternatively, it can drive hydraulic motors at the lower output range.

Four-cell working hydraulics.

The implement carrier's four-cell working hydraulics consist of two circuits. When combined, circuits I and II (32 plus 55 l/min) can now mobilise 35 kW at up to 240 bar.

Another highlight is the load-sensing hydraulics system. With a hydraulic oil flow rate of up to 110 l/min and 240 bar pressure, it constantly adapts to the pump pressure and the volume flow to suit requirements, making it both particularly efficient and at the same time very economical.

Hydraulic connections for up to four circuits are safely installed at the front and rear of the vehicle.

The Vario-Power® power hydraulics.

Two circuits, each with 125 l hydraulic oil through-flow per minute and 280 bar pressure: with its power hydraulics, the Unimog is ready to face anything. Whether several different tasks have to be carried out simultaneously or a single job requires significant output, the VarioPower® power hydraulics make more possible. The two open circuits III and IV have the same high through-flow of 125 l, system pressure of 280 bar and a maximum output of 58 kW.

The power hydraulics can therefore take the place of plug-in pumps on the PTO shaft or body diesel engines. VarioPower® controls are simple to operate using the steering wheel buttons on the multifunction steering wheel. The settings are shown in the instrument cluster. The power hydraulics are installed on the platform sub-frame and can also be removed if necessary – for example to increase the payload for winter services.

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Mechanical implement drive: proven top power.

Full steam ahead: The mechanical implement drives deliver just the right output for a wide range of tasks. 

The Unimog comes with lots of optional extras. Take the front PTO shaft with a continuous output of 160 kW, for example. On-board engine and transmission power take-off are also available as an option. The mechanical drive systems are a must for jobs requiring a high output.

Powerful front PTO with up to 160 kW.

Front-attached implements requiring significant power are run directly off the PTO, which takes its power from the drivetrain of the engine. It is oil-cooled as a standard feature and, with a 1¾-inch splined shaft, it allows for a high torque transfer while also ensuring a very high degree of efficiency – especially in continuous operation. With the engine speed indicator in the instrument cluster and a setting between 420 and 1,000 rpm, the PTO can be used to drive implements at 540 rpm or 1,000 rpm standard engine speed.

PTOs from engine and transmission:

The engine-run PTO of the Unimog implement carrier drives the power hydraulics, but it can also be used to run powerful implements in combination with a hydrostatic drive. The transmission-run PTO with its standardised flange on the manual gearbox also allows commercially available hydraulic pumps to operate cranes and elevating work platforms. Output speed and rotational direction are identical to engine speed and rotational direction.

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Electrical interfaces: Plug in and get to work.

Four standard interfaces in the cab and on the outside enable the operation of electrical consumers or implements without the need for any cabling work.

The on-board electrical system is fed by a 28-volt/150 amp generator. The parameterisable on-board electronics make it easier to control settings like the engine speed limiter to protect mechanically-driven implements, the starter interlock for extended support or the speed limiter.

Universal electrical interface to EN16330.

  • Available ex factory
  • No additional retrofit work by body manufacturers (for mowers, gritters or sweepers) necessary
  • Prepared wiring harness bushings prevent sealing problems on cab
  • All electrical line pre-installations are fed via the cab pivot point. And so, the cab can be tilted without any problems.
  • Plug & Work: Reduced equipment times when changing seasonal attached/mounted implements
  • Standardised interface to EN 16330
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The right choice.

The Unimog model range ranges from small all-rounders
to high-performance all-rounders.

Model series

The Unimog implement carrier models.

From the Unimog U 219 to the U 535.

The U 200 series.

U 219

Expert implement-carrying system for service providers and local authorities.

The U 219 is the smallest Unimog model with an extremely short wheelbase of just 2.8 mm. This makes it able to work in all those places where every millimetre counts. With its 140 kW (190 hp) engine, the U 219 model has enough power for almost any challenge that comes its way. Plus, it offers three different load values ranging from 7.5 to 10 t and so is well-equipped for a whole host of tasks.

The U 300 series.

U 319 | U 323 | U 327

High endurance for small and medium-sized towns.

With an engine output of 130 kW (177 hp) and a gross weight of 11 t, the U 319 reliably meets all the important municipal requirements. Together with the special models U 323 (170 kW/231 hp) and U 327 (200 kW/272 hp) with a permissible gross weight of up to 14 t, this model series fits the bill for everything for which an entire fleet would otherwise often be required. 

The U 400 series.

U 423 | U 427 | U 430 | U 435

Versatile top performers.

If you're a Unimog user who moves heavy loads works on a wide range of jobs, the U 423 – U 435 models with gross vehicle weights from 11.99 t to 14.0 t are perfect for you! All four are available with either a short or a long wheelbase. The main differences are in their engine performance. This can be 170, 200, 220 or 260 kW (231, 272, 299 or 354 hp).

The U 500 series.

U 527 | U 530 | U 535

There's no obstacle it can't overcome.

Giving everything you need all year round yet still having power reserves to hand – this is what the 500 models with 200, 220 or 260 kW output (272, 299 or 354 hp) are all about. And with their gross vehicle weight of maximum 16.5 t, they can both shoulder heavy loads too. The wheelbases are 3.35 or 3.9 m (long version), the longest in the range.

Web configurator.

Discover the Unimog in 3D.

In the web configurator, you can put together your favourite product from a wide range of possible equipment and vehicle variants. Take a 360-degree look inside the cab and see the concept advantages of the Unimog for yourself.

Open web configurator

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Versatile in use.

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog proves its high level of competence and
unique versatility in a whole array of
sectors and segments – so you can use it to the max.



Cities and local authorities, service providers and contractors all face a huge variety of challenges throughout the year. The cost-efficient solution: the Unimog implement carrier.

With its wide range of possible applications and interfaces, the Unimog implement carrier is a municipal task specialist. It can work to capacity and to an excellent standard for up to 365 days a year for applications like mowing, mulching, tree maintenance, winter services, sweeping, cleaning – or even for transporting goods. And it more than pays for itself. Through a combination of performance and efficiency, it guarantees that life cycle costs are kept extremely low.

  • All-year-round use
  • Wide range of attachment and body solutions
  • Comfortable cab and intuitive operation
  • High safety standards
  • Low operating and maintenance costs

Why is the Unimog such a vital part of municipal operations?



Developed for agricultural use in 1946, the Unimog's traditional areas of expertise include field and agricultural work.

The implement carrier increases agricultural profitability, both on an off the farm. Interfaces as well as front and rear power lifts make this all-rounder fit for soil cultivation and crop protection, sowing and fertilising, limestone and silage transport.

  • Tyre pressure control system ex works
  • High payload (approx. 25 t)
  • High transport speed (89 km/h)
  • Low fuel consumption
  • LoF approval

The Unimog: a worthwhile investment in agricultural operations


Fire service.

Its manoeuvrability, off-road capability and equipment expertise make the Unimog a reliable partner for fire brigades worldwide.

When every second counts, the Unimog makes full use of its strengths. While its flexibility makes its particularly impressive in city centres and old town quarters, portal axles and permanent all-wheel drive also make it the first choice for off-road operations - like for forest and vegetation fires.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Short wheelbase
  • Easy handling
  • Flexible implement use

The Unimog: trusted by firefighters



Unique and twice as efficient: the Unimog is a great maintenance and manoeuvring work assistant on both rail and road.

The Unimog as a fully-fledged rail vehicle can switch quickly between rail and road, making it flexible at all times and with that, a cost-effective alternative to the expensive diesel locomotive. The high friction between rubber wheel and steel rail creates the very highest levels of traction, making it possible for the Unimog to shunt loads of up to 1000 t or 52 wagon axles.

  • High tractive force
  • Fast implementation
  • Fuel-saving, powerful drive
  • Radio remote control for one-man operation

The Unimog: a top performer for both road and rail


Contractors and service providers.

A full 365 days of operational capability make the Unimog the logical choice.

Downtime is expensive, which is why versatility is important for commercial vehicles. Thanks to its wide variety of body options, the Unimog implement carrier is at the top of its game. A maximum range of services meets efficiency in the all-rounder from Mercedes-Benz.

  • Professional implement use
  • High payload
  • Economical drive technology (all-wheel drive)

The Unimog: paying dividends for contractors



For foresters, there's always work to do. And the Unimog implement carrier helps them get the job done.

The Unimog implement carrier is particularly  agile off-road and also has excellent properties for on-road driving. It can take on a huge variety of tasks , from maintenance of forest paths in spring to tree maintenance in summer and wood shredding in the autumn.

  • Modern panoramic cab
  • Compact external dimensions
  • High axle loads
  • VarioPilot®
  • Up to 4 hydraulic circuits with load-sensing and VarioPower® power hydraulics

The Unimog: a powerful tool for forestry operations



As a highly mobile vehicle built for high voltage, the Unimog is not afraid of anything.

Whether for tapping into new energy sources, in open-pit mining or for the maintenance, monitoring and repair of extensive supply networks, with its unique vehicle concept, drivers can rev up the Unimog to the max, even when fully loaded.Al

  • Cable winch attachment points and attachments for heavy implements and crane bodies
  • High payloads and load capacities
  • High level of driving comfort
  • Highway-compatible vehicle concept

The Unimog: unrivalled in energy consumption...even at full power



The Unimog provides a real five-star service on airport land, especially during the winter.

In order to ensure flight operations are safe, runway and underfloor lighting must be consistently defrosted. With its interchangeable body, the implement carrier can be made ready for use at any time of the year.

  • Easy body mounting
  • Safety concept

The Unimog: standing out on the runway



Whether as a work vehicle or as a tractor, the Unimog always does the best possible job on construction sites both in and out of town.

Whether the task at hand be road construction, canal and waterway construction, drilling, inner-city operations or specialised tasks, with its high traction, the Unimog can get to places where there is no road (yet!). Despite its compact size, it offers very long ranges in crane use – stable, powerful and precise.

  • Modern panoramic cab
  • High axle loads
  • Gearbox with up to 24 forwards and 22 reverse gears

The Unimog: trusted by construction companies

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A strong community.

Whether at the time of purchase or after purchase:
we never let you down.

Service & parts

part of a legend!

We care about customer satisfaction. The Unimog is not just any old vehicle, it's an indestructible power pack, a versatile endurance runner and an adventurous all-rounder. In order to keep it at its best for many years to come, all professional Unimog users are provided with the very best support right from the start.

The Unimog is an automotive legend, in which every individual part has a role to play. Every service is decisive in  how the story continues. That’s why every Mercedes-Benz Unimog service partner is more than just a workshop – it’s part of a legend. We are all part of this committed community, in which every part down to the smallest screw as well as every service appointment is crucial in making sure that the Unimog is cost effective and ready for action – empowering your Unimog to master everyday life with gusto – day in, day out.

Schweinfurt's Waterways and Shipping Authority in Schweinfurt has been very impressed with the Unimog's genuine parts.

As Norbert Eusemann chats with us about his Unimog, his excitement is contagious. The U 400 is the fourth model that the 57 year-old has been driving since he started working at the Volkach site of Schweinfurt's Waterways and Shipping Authority (WSA) in 1981. His passion for the Unimog was ignited when he was just eight years old and later, his passion became his profession. He is also very impressed with the service it provides. He says: "Mercedes-Benz Service has definitely earned its star."

Flexibility that gives you choices.

Benefit from the financial services solutions offered by Daimler Truck Financial Services.

With us, you can rest assured: not only our vehicles, but also our financial services are a perfect match for you. As part of Daimler Truck AG, Daimler Truck Financial Services is our in-house and fully integrated financial services provider with flexible and customer-focused solutions.

Everything from a single source.

Together with our Unimog partners, we offer tailor-made financial products from a single source. Regardless of whether you only want to use your Unimog and return it or plan to pay off the vehicle in instalments and become its owner. Get in touch with your authorised Unimog partner for more information.

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Our quality promise.

Built in Wörth, at the largest truck assembly plant in the world,
the Unimog meets the commercial vehicle branch's high quality standards.

Brand promise

Working for you.

As a global leader of medium-heavy and heavy trucks, Mercedes-Benz sets itself ambitious targets: we set the standard for quality and reliability. And our over 11,000-strong workforce at our modern and environmentally-friendly Wörth plant more than meet these expectations. Since 1963, over three million commercial vehicles have been manufactured here. Alongside the A-series (Actros, Arocs, Antos and Atego), all the Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks are designed and manufactured at the plant, using a good number of identical components. The fleet includes the Unimog implement carrier, the outstandingly agile off-road Unimog, the Econic and the Zetros. All models in the series are subject to the same stringent testing and trial cycles as vehicles from the large-scale production series. The Wörth plant's motto expresses our passion for commercial vehicles best: "Our mission is to get a little better each day so we can fulfil our brand pledge: trucks you can trust."

Cooperation with body manufacturers.

Valuable partnerships.

Mercedes-Benz has been working closely with international implement and body manufacturers for decades, combining the experience and expertise of specialists with the in-depth knowledge of competent Unimog partners. The most stringent requirements for the best system solutions.

Close exchange.

We work in particularly close collaboration with our certified Unimog body manufacturers. As well as new attachment and body solutions, our main focus is on the fundamental characteristics of the vehicle, like safety. Because the best result is achieved when everyone works hand in hand.

Custom Tailored Trucks.

Individualisation in manufacturer quality.

The applications possible with the Unimog implement carrier may be so specific that it might not be possible to meet series production requirements. The Mercedes-Benz plant in Molsheim is prepared for these special requests. This is where we carry out individualised production using the manufacturer's full expertise... with the manufacturer’s warranty and worldwide available service from Daimler Truck, of course!