Unimog for kids.

Unimog Collection articles that make children's eyes light up.

You do not necessarily need a driver's license to use Unimog: the Unimog Collection from Mercedes-Benz offers cool clothing and useful tools for everyday use. There are also many gadgets for children that make the Unimog's heart beat faster.

Unimog lunch box.

Unimog lunch box: useful for all ages.

The lunch box for real fans with Unimog imprint on the lid has the following dimensions: ca. 16 cm x 11 cm x 5 cm.

Unimog coloring book.

In the Unimog coloring book, kids can let their creativity run wild when coloring their numerous motifs.

Format: DIN A5
Material: Cardboard

Unimog plush charm.

The bright red plush Unimog hangs on metal keyring and chain and can spice up every satchel.

Size: 12 cm
Material: Polyester plush

Unimog frame puzzle.

For an unrivaled puzzle pleasure: The frame puzzle with 18 parts shows two Unimog in the fire service.

Format: 295 x 190 mm
Material: cardboard

Available from Unimog dealers and service partners!

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