The Unimog as a leisure and long-distance recreational vehicle.

Because real adventures start
where paved roads stop.

Let your curiosity run wild. Whether you want to follow in the footsteps of the great explorers or discover new places where no-one has been before - leisure and long-distance recreational vehicles based on the Mercedes-Benz Unimog make it possible. The Unimog can be configured as an ideal travel companion – for example as a camper van with off-road capability, as a robust and reliable expedition vehicle, for hunting or for rallies. Wherever you go, you can rely on the Unimog’s reliability, robustness and unique off-road capability.

For the explorers
among travellers.

With the Unimog, you can master almost any challenge
on challenging terrain.


Leisure/long-distance recreational vehicle.

Thanks to close cooperation between Unimog and design partners, there are virtually no limits to your individual wishes.

Everything is just as you would expect it to be from Mercedes-Benz – and not just during your maiden voyage but for the many thousands of kilometres thereafter. Because the extreme off-road Unimog has already proven its robustness and durability in almost every place in the world. Capable bodybuilders can equip your Unimog according to your demands.

  • Camper van
  • Expedition vehicle
  • Hunting vehicle
  • Rally vehicle

A performance that breaks records.

The Unimog is noted for its superb handling and easy-to-use controls as well as a chassis that will live up to all of your expectations. The all-rounders with extreme off-road capabilities of the latest generation can be assembled to create ideal travel companions. 

Would you like a particularly impressive example? 6,694 metres above sea level – you can't get more off-road than that. Never before has a wheeled vehicle driven at such an altitude. Matthias Jeschke and his expedition team achieved just that on 13 December 2019 with their two Unimog vehicles, breaking the world altitude record for wheeled vehicles in Chile. 

We’re here for you worldwide.

Wherever you put your Unimog to work, Daimler Truck is close at hand. At over 650 Unimog service outlets in over 130 countries worldwide, we will take care of your Unimog immediately if necessary. With the same care and attention to detail, the same expertise and the same technical resources that we put into its original assembly. This comes courtesy of our comprehensive service network of knowledgeable Unimog partners.

More about Special Trucks for off-road journeys:

Exceptional performance!

The readers of OFF ROAD magazine voted: For the 18th time in a row, the Unimog outperformed its competitors in 2022 when it came to choosing the Off-Road Vehicle of the Year and secured victory in the Special Vehicles category.

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Know no offroad limits.

Jean Pierre "JP" Kraemer and Matthias Malmedie know what they're talking about when it comes to vehicles. Both have already put many vehicles through their paces on the German Mercedes-Benz channel as part of the “Let’s drive Mercedes” YouTube segment. But what neither of them had never tested was a Unimog from Mercedes-Benz. And it simply leaves the  professionals speechless.

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Unlimited possibilities thanks to specialised Unimog design partners.

Comfort on wheels.

Manufacturer bimobil, specialising in camper vans, relies on the Unimog as its vehicle base for its EX 435 camper module, which can withstand any extreme weather conditions. Practical and uncompromising. And thus making a clear choice for limitless mobility.

A special encounter.

The off-road expedition vehicle from Bliss Mobil. From the outside: as simple as a freight container. From the inside: a real revelation. When you step inside the Bliss Mobil body of the Unimog U 5023, you suddenly find yourself in a luxury apartment.

Endless adventures.

The Unimog TenereX from Hellgeth Engineering boasts excellent properties: high ground clearance, gradeability, manoeuvrability, outstanding driving dynamics and power for 7.5 tonnes of load at 100 km/h and FSK 3.

Stronger than ever.

Unimog U 5030 Off-Roader for researchers, explorers and expeditions: this  special model was developed in cooperation with Hellgeth Engineering Spezialfahrzeugbau. With even more power – for everyone who doesn't want to be held back by anything.

Customised individualisation.

A variety of other highlights can also be realised in coordination with conversion partner Hellgeth Engineering Spezialfahrzeugbau – for example, multi-part aluminium rims and high-quality interior equipment in a sporty, exclusive leather design. At the customer's request, an individual chassis configuration is possible, depending on the application, e.g. as an expedition or rally vehicle.

"We’re still upping the ante."

Andreas Hellgeth, Hellgeth Engineering Spezialfahrzeugbau

Interview with Andreas Hellgeth.

Toys for adults.

Uwe Stamm's heart beats off-road. "My wife and I have both caught the same bug." The Stamm family has put together a very impressive Unimog in collaboration with Bliss Mobil in Breda, the Netherlands.

Off the road. On track.

Endurance test at a place of extremes: Günther Schumacher set off for Siberia with a Unimog U 5023. "A journey full of adventure to the end of civilisation," is how he himself puts it.

When the whole point of the journey is getting to the destination.

Eight Unimogs transport New Zealand tourists to their next adventure on Skippers Canyon Road. It is one of the most scenic routes in New Zealand and also the most dangerous in the world. The gravel track, lined on both sides by steep cliffs, is narrow and it is especially difficult to manoeuvre vehicles along it.

A vehicle of discovery.

Feel at home anywhere in the world: make it happen with the expedition vehicle based on a Unimog U 4023  available from sales partner RKF-Bleses.

Product benefits.

The Unimog is the benchmark
for off-road capability.

Product benefits

Off-road capability.

At home where others cannot even dream of going.

In a Unimog you can master any challenge and any terrain. Worldwide. You can feel it every time you drive it: fording, ascending, climbing and vanquishing are in the blood of the Unimog. And it will also cover quite a distance if necessary. Thanks to its virtually indestructible and off-road drive and chassis concept, it masters mud, gravel and sand as well as snow, ice and deep river beds – also with individual mounting and body solutions.

The Unimog as a leisure and long-distance recreational vehicle:

  • Impresses with a unique framework concept
  • Provides high levels of traction
  • Cannot be stopped even when fording through water of up to 1.2 m deep

Confident off the road.

  • All-wheel drive with three 100% differential locks
  • Up to 30° diagonal axle articulation due to coil springs with extreme spring travel
  • High ground clearance of 0.5 m thanks to portal axles
  • Up to 100 % climbing capability thanks to off-road reduction gear
  • Fording capability to a depth of 1.2 m
  • Proven and powerful tyre pressure control system with new operating concept ex works
  • Short frame overhangs for large angles of approach at the front and rear
  • Optimum ramp angle thanks to high-mounted gearbox
  • Heavy-duty, cranked frame and low centre of gravity
  • Extremely protected powertrain thanks to encapsulation and torque tube technology
  • Proven operational readiness from -40 to +50 °C
  • Automated 8-speed manual gearbox with off-road reduction
  • Disc brakes on all four wheels and off-road ABS for even more safety, even with heavy vehicle bodies

Hardly any other vehicle compares to the Unimog – thanks to a fording capability of up to 1.2 m, TireControl plus tyre pressure control system, large slope and ramp angle and a high ground clearance of approx. 0.5 m thanks to portal axles with torque tube technology.

Flexible and robust in operation.

The offset vehicle frame lies at the heart of the off-road capability of the all-terrain  Unimog. Thanks to its torsional flexibility in combination with torque tube technology and the three-point mounting of engine, gearbox, cab and body, a diagonal torsion of up to 600 mm is possible. As the frame is fully welded, it withstands torsion over time. At the same time, the frame offset gives the vehicle a low centre of gravity with high ground clearance.

Another clever feature: the floor assembly. The Unimog frame concept ensures a stable and secure attachment of bodies. The body and chassis are not rigidly connected – this provides additional flexibility. The torsional capability of the chassis means that the body is not subjected to heavy loads when driving off-road.

Single tyres.

The principle: the rear wheels follow in the tracks made by the front wheels. This improves traction and protects the terrain.

Optimum traction.

Thanks to TireControl plus, the Unimog always has the right tyre pressure on the road.

TireControl plus.

The switch logic of the tyre control system allows the user to choose between the pre-set "Road", "Sand" and "Rough" modes. This means the correct mode for the current road surface can be set intuitively, making operator error virtually impossible. TireControl  also brings benefits for nature: driving off-road with lowered tyre pressure improves traction while reducing the impact on the land.

Product benefits


The Unimog offers a modern cab with a feel-good atmosphere.

Details, such as the multifunction steering wheel, hands-free system, adjustable steering column and intuitive controls ensure car-like comfort in this off-road all-rounder. Auxiliary heating and engine pre-heating are also available as optional extras.

The Unimog as a leisure and long-distance recreational vehicle:

  • Ease-of-use impresses
  • Provides an ergonomic seating position behind the axle
  • Enables comfortable journeys

Ergonomic progress.

The cab assists the driver, in particular when the job needs to be done and there's little time for lengthy deliberation: Intuitive and ergonomically-located controls help to simplify operation. The seating position in the low-vibration area behind the front axle enables more comfortable off-road driving and offers a very good view of the driving area. The area being driven through is lit up by the daytime driving lights and the headlights.

Like at home.

The interior offers a high level of comfort and makes work easier. The heating and air conditioning system provides the right temperature to ensure good working conditions in every weather. The cab offers space for two full-size individual seats and the optional middle seat. The modern workplace also includes a DAB radio with Bluetooth hands-free feature. The centre stowage and the standard glove compartment look tidy so everything is clear and shipshape.


The cab is clearly organised and creates a pleasant working atmosphere. The multifunction steering wheel fits perfectly in your hand and provides quick access to the hands-free system and the display of the instrument cluster.

Instrument cluster.

The instrument cluster's large and bright screen displays all important information like oil level, air pressure and hydraulic system settings.

Steering-column lever.

Functions such as gearshift, premium engine brake and Electronic Quick Reverse are integrated in the steering column levers.


Clearly-structured operating elements, all within easy reach. A real innovation for easy operation is the TireControl plus tyre pressure control system. It features practical presets.

Steering column.

The standard height and tilt-adjustable steering column ensures an optimal seating position for the driver.

Crew cab.

In addition to the standard cab with space for up to three people, the crew cab is also available for up to seven people. It creates space for an additional rear bench seat or two additional individual seats.

Product benefits

Drive systems.

Drive at up to 89 km/hr on the motorway or work at walking pace: the Unimog performs efficiently in every engine speed range.

This Special Truck features a drivetrain with efficient engines from Mercedes-Benz, a powerful gearbox and robust axles that can take heavy loads.

The Unimog as a leisure and long-distance recreational vehicle:

  • Powered by high-torque engines
  • All-wheel drive
  • Delivers a real performance boost


  • Easy operation
  • Short shift times
  • Long service life
  • 8-speed EPS manual transmission
  • Off-road group
  • Electronic Quick
  • Reverse (reversing gearshift)
  • Automated gearshift (EAS)
  • All-wheel drive


  • Powerful 4-cylinder engine with 170 kW
  • Torque of up to 900 Newton metres
  • Compliance with the Euro VIe emission standard
  • Large displacement, high torque, smooth running, low fuel consumption

Axles and wheels.

  • Robust axles for high load values
  • Pneumatic disc brakes as standard
  • TireControl plus tyre pressure control system with practical operation ex works
  • Off-road ABS
  • Differential locks engageable

The right choice.

See the performance
of our all-rounders for yourself.

Model series

Extreme off-road Unimog models.

All-terrain Unimog U 4023 and U 5023.

The U 4023.

Powerful service provider.

The robust commercial vehicle is characterised by all-wheel drive and extreme torsional flexibility. With a wheelbase of 3.8 m, a fording depth of up to 1.2 m and a permissible gross vehicle weight of 10.3 t, the U 4023 takes you into almost any terrain.

The U 5023.

Universal extreme athlete.

The U 5023 is the right choice for anyone who needs maximum off-road performance. 3.8 m wheelbase, a fording depth of up to 1.2 m, a permissible gross vehicle weight of 15.0 t and an impressive angle of approach/departure of 44°/50° make the Unimog a reliable workhorse.

A strong community.

Both during and after the purchase:
we'll never let you down.

Service & parts

part of a legend!

We care about customer satisfaction. The Unimog is not just any old vehicle, it's an indestructible power pack, a versatile endurance runner and an adventurous all-rounder. In order to keep it at its best for many years to come, all professional Unimog users are provided with the very best support right from the start.

The Unimog is an automotive legend, in which every individual part has a role to play. Every service is decisive in  how the story continues. That’s why every Mercedes-Benz Unimog service partner is more than just a workshop – it’s part of a legend. We are all part of this committed community, in which every part down to the smallest screw as well as every service appointment is crucial in making sure that the Unimog is cost effective and ready for action – empowering your Unimog to master everyday life with gusto – day in, day out.

Schweinfurt's Waterways and Shipping Authority in Schweinfurt has been very impressed with the Unimog's genuine parts.

As Norbert Eusemann chats with us about his Unimog, his excitement is contagious. The U 400 is the fourth model that the 57 year-old has been driving since he started working at the Volkach site of Schweinfurt's Waterways and Shipping Authority (WSA) in 1981. His passion for the Unimog was ignited when he was just eight years old and later, his passion became his profession. He is also very impressed with the service it provides. He says: "Mercedes-Benz Service has definitely earned its star."