Unimog Magazine:
May 2018 issue.

Winter road clearing is a passion.

"Versatility assures full order books", says Johannes Metzger. Winter road clearing is a vocation for him, not a job. The self-employed municipal works contractor provides winter road spreading and clearing services. In the Unimog Magazine 1/2018, he describes why the versatility of the U 427 ensures continuous revenues throughout the year.

More highlight topics.

"Dual-mode operation by state railway company"
Hungarian state railways operator MÀV purchased nine U 423 as multi-functional dual-mode vehicles to carry out maintenance work.

"Brine spraying is environmentally friendly"
At Retec in Berlin the winter months are the busy season. The star of the fleet is a Unimog with a mounted brine sprayer.

"Four generations of Unimog in service"
In the Harz national park, a new U 429 is laying down tracks for three predecessors from the previous four decades which are still in service.

"Life begins at 65..."
In the beginning was the "Unimog-Ratgeber". Today it is called "Unimog Magazine", and is packed with news and application reports.

"An extreme off-road toolkit"
When procuring a state-of-the-art equipment-carrying vehicle, the Siegburg fire service turned to an extreme off-roader U 5000.

"One family, seven generations of Unimog"
A U 427 is clearing the roads in the southern Black Forest of snow. Kessler has been carrying out lumber transport and winter road clearing services since 1959.

"In the mirror: Unimog at the 1976 Winter Olympics"
Mercedes-Benz was the official snow clearing service provider for the 1976 games in Innsbruck. The Unimog was there.

"Steering gear upgrade for older Unimog"
Mercedes-Benz enables an old Unimog to be upgraded to the steer-ing gear of the latest models.

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