The new Zetros.
Accept no limits.



No limits, no compromises.

From the outset, Zetros was designed to deliver across the board. The latest generation continues the Mercedes-Benz legacy of outstanding quality, and is more powerful and versatile than ever before. This range of trucks is extremely efficient, robust and user-friendly – and is at home on any terrain.

All roads and no roads.

You need more than a conventional truck. You need a reliable vehicle that can smoothly and swiftly switch between paved and non-paved surfaces – even when transporting heavy loads. One that can navigate extreme off-road conditions with ease, without compromising comfort or safety. And one tailored to your specific challenges.

  • Permanent all-wheel drive with mechanical differential locks
  • Reinforced dampers, large spring travel and axle-load-adapted springs
  • High-torque engine

Highly efficient, highly effective.

You want to maximize your return on investment. With this in mind, Zetros has been streamlined for efficiency. It boasts a high level of fuel economy and an innovative dual tank system, helping to keep costs down and reduce time spent refueling. It is easy to load, and it can transport either crew or cargo in line with your imperatives.

  • Easy distribution due to balanced axle load
  • Crew cab available
  • Large fuel volume

Built to succeed, built to last.

Zetros was developed with longevity front of mind. The result is a vehicle you can count on time and again under demanding conditions. It is designed to deliver outstanding performance on rough ground – even with low-quality fuel. From the blistering cold to scorching heat, it stays the course in any weather. You do not back down when the going gets tough, and neither should your truck.

  • Reinforced frame
  • Robust steel cab
  • Application-optimized filter technology

Ease of operation, ease of maintenance.

Your time is valuable. So learning to operate your truck should be quick and straightforward. Zetros is highly intuitive – making it easy for drivers to unlock its full potential.  And to ensure it stays up and running, cleaning, maintenance and repairs are simple to carry out. Moreover, our extensive service network ensures spare parts and expert assistance are readily available, whenever and wherever you require them.

  • Resistant interior materials and easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Simple technologies and electronics
  • Easy access to engine compartment without cab tilting


Delivers on all counts.

Zetros covers all the bases. It combines excellent on-road and off-road capabilities with comfort and robustness. What’s more, it is easy-to-operate and easy-to-repair. This powerful, versatile truck is in a league of its own.


High power meets high torque.


Each and every component in Zetros’s engine has been designed for the most demanding of deployments. It delivers both substantial horsepower and high torque. The engine’s cooling system has been engineered for high performance and extreme climatic conditions.

  • Up to 350 kW (476 HP); Euro V variants with up to 375 kW (510 HP) expected in 2020
  • Inline 6-cylinder OM 460 engine
  • Compliance with Euro III emissions standard
  • 12.8 l displacement
  • Maximum torque of 2,300 Nm at 1,100 rpm


Zetros boasts continuous all-wheel drive with mechanical differential locks. The proven transmission design enables excellent directional stability and traction – both on- and off-road. Moreover, the differential locks prevent individual wheels from spinning on rough terrain.

  • Mechanical differential locks on front and rear axles and in the transfer case
  • Inter-axle and inter-wheel differential locks fitted as standard
  • Direct connection between shift lever and transmission via control cable
  • Integrated pneumatic power-assisted gear shifting

Transfer case

Zetros all wheel drive variants (4x4/6x6) make use off permanent all wheel drive technology. This provides maximum traction under all conditions and with the 100% differtial locks enables full traction on slipery ground and supports the driver as only diff locks need to be operated in difficult situations.


The Zetros family of vehicles utilizes the Mercedes Benz heavy duty axles. For the standard truck it uses a robust rigid axle (1), for all wheel drive truck it uses the planatary hub reduction axle line (2) proven in Mercedes-Benz heavy duty construction trucks all over the world. These axles are equipped with drum brakes and a self adjusting mechanism. Spring loaded brake cylinders are available on all axles as an option.

Off-road capability

Blaze your own trail.

Frame and chassis

The reinforced, ladder-type frame provides excellent strength and can transport substantial loads on all terrains. And it has high torsional flexibility even when equipped with heavy bodies. The front of the frame is constructed to allow the truck to be lifted or towed with ease, and to enable quick and simple mounting of attachments.

  • Enhanced shock absorbers
  • C-profile cross members and side members
  • Axle load compensation
Fording depth and approach angle

High ground clearance and compact outer dimensions mean Zetros can climb inclines of up to 35 degrees. Moreover, it can maneuver through deep water and mud, thanks to a fording depth of up to 0.8 meters.

Axles and wheels

The cast-steel planetary axles are extraordinarily robust, allowing high axle loads. Moreover, Zetros comes with a spare wheel of equal quality to the standard wheels fitted to the vehicle ex-works. The spare is securely stored in a space-saving and easily-accessible location.

  • Axle suspension based on parabolic springs
  • Axle articulation of 2 x 500 mm along diagonal

83 %

of roads in Sub-Saharan Africa are unpaved. War and weather have severely damaged infrastructure.


Making light of hard work.


The spacious, steel cab was designed to help drivers complete long hauls and workdays as safely and comfortably as possible. To this end, the cab is equipped with a 3-point rubber mount, and seats are positioned behind the front axle.

  • Easy entry as cab is placed behind engine
  • Easy exit as cab is lower than on conventional trucks
  • Ample leg room

Firefighters must transport a significant amount of equipment to the deployment site. Zetros’s cab boasts large storage capacity. It also spares rescuers unnecessary stress and strain by allowing quick and easy entry and exit.

The average weight of equipment a firefighter must carry is

45  kg

  • Full-sized passenger seat and optional middle seat
  • Up to 1,400 liters’ storage space in cab
  • Optional folding bench seat mounted to back wall

Air conditioning

The Zetros interior remains comfortable – no matter what the weather outside. Drivers can concentrate on the task at hand, even in extreme climates such as deserts and permafrost regions.

  • Powerful heating and ventilation system
  • Optional air conditioning
  • Optional auxiliary water heater
  • Optional additional heat insulation


Built to last.

Quality parts

Mercedes-Benz’s standard components are designed and built with durability front of mind. They have been tested the world over, and come with “Made in Germany” quality. Plus, selected Zetros parts have been enhanced specifically to withstand extreme conditions and daily off-road stresses.

  • Wear-resistant drum brakes
  • Integrated engine brake system
  • Extensive corrosion protection
  • Reinforced cooling systems
  • Enhanced filter technology
  • Reinforced frame
  • Robust steel cab


In many regions, high-grade diesel is in short supply. This is no issue for Zetros. Its engine is designed to consistently achieve excellent performance even with poor-quality fuel, and it has already proven its worth across the globe.

Overcoming poor-quality fuel

Particularly in many regions of Africa, South America and Asia, there are still diesel fuels that contain much sulfur.

Usability par excellence

Easy to drive, easy to clean.


Controls and instruments are ergonomically positioned in line with tried-and-true Daimler standards, and will be instantly familiar to many drivers. The cab’s windshield extends down low, granting an excellent view of surroundings from the driver’s seat.

  • Multifunctional steering wheel with adjustable height and tilt
  • Large display with white backlighting
  • Intuitive functionality

Interior surfaces are very resistant to dirt and dust. This is especially advantageous in environments such as mines and construction sites. In addition, cleaning the cab is quick and easy.


It just keeps on trucking.


Zetros has been conceived to limit downtime and make any repairs quick and simple, with easy access to the engine. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz has an extensive service network, so expert assistance is readily available in all four corners of the globe. This makes Zetros a reliable choice no matter where you are based, even in remote areas.

In remote areas of the world, many workshops have to make do with very rudimentary tools and equipment.

1.1  billion

people are not connected to a power grid.

  • Robust cyclone filter with a clear dirt chamber
  • Simple electronics
  • A walk-on hood and roof
  • Durable and easy-to-clean interior surfaces


Tough jobs call for tough trucks.

Zetros can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios. Its broad choice of variants and configuration options make it suitable for logistics, construction, fire and rescue, mining and energy, as well as for exploration and expeditions.


Getting things where they need to go.

Wherever that may be.

Zetros reliably transports goods and people across all types of terrain, and even under the most arduous conditions. It can cope with extreme heat and cold, potholes, dust and more.

Its ideal axle weight distribution ensures it can move heavy loads and equipment even across rough ground – up to 120 metric tons with a tractor body. Moreover, Zetros’s large tank allows it to travel long distances without having to refuel.

A comfortable ride even on bumpy roads.

Transporting loads does not have to be exhausting and uncomfortable – even on long hauls. Zetros boasts a spacious cab, a fine-tuned suspension system, and a driver’s seat positioned behind the front axle.


A powerful workhorse.

Ready and able.

Zetros’s all-wheel drive can tackle everything from smoothly paved roads to highly uneven construction sites. Its two-speed transfer case and high-torque, inline six engine enables it to master steep ups and downs. The cleverly designed cab grants the driver an excellent view of their surroundings, and allows them to enter and exit with ease.

The right frame for your task.

Key frame variants for construction sites – including dumpers and tractors – are available ex-works. It is also possible to equip trucks with 3-directional dumpers, grapple loaders and more, along the entire vehicle length where required.

Mining and energy

When the going gets tough, Zetros gets going.

Suitable for any environment.

Zetros brings equipment, materials and crew safely and dependably to where they are needed – difficult terrain or not. The truck’s comprehensive corrosion protection and reinforced cooling system safeguards performance under extreme conditions. There is also an optional crew cab.

Go anywhere.

A low vehicle height means Zetros can be deployed underground without requiring major modifications to tunnels or infrastructure. The truck’s off-road capability and robustness make it well suited to these harsh environments.

Fire and rescue

Help is on the way.

When every second counts.

Zetros is the ideal choice for fighting forest fires – where the direct route is typically the fastest. It is not hampered by treacherous topography, and can transport first responders quickly and safely. Continuous all-wheel drive and superb ground clearance mean these trucks can tackle inclines of up to 35° without difficulty.

Don’t let anything slow you down.

Deep water, mud and slush will not stop Zetros from bringing rescue workers to their destination. These vehicles have a fording depth of up to 0.8 meters.

Exploration and expeditions

Discover the world.

You name the destination.

A dependable truck is a must for adventures through deserts, snow and off the beaten trail. Zetros’s robust technology and user-friendly electronics make it an ideal travel companion for the rough and tumble. What’s more, it has long maintenance intervals and is simple to repair, with spare parts available worldwide.

Tailor your transport.

Customized body solutions mean there is a made-to-measure answer to any requirement. In addition, Zetros trucks provide ample space for expedition equipment, without sacrificing comfort.


Tailored to your business.

Zetros is available in a broad choice of variants ex-works. This includes both two-axle and three-axle options, with or without all-wheel drive. These can be combined with various bodies. Moreover, Zetros can be further customized in line with customers’ unique imperatives.

Models and variants

The right Zetros for every purpose.


Chassis, tipper or tractor
4x4*, 6x4*or 4x2*


OM 460 LA, 12,872 ccm
Euro III 360*, 421 or 476 HP
Euro V* 449* or 510* HP


G260-16 / 11.62-0.69 with CPS


Gross vehicle weight

40 t – 120 t

Gross vehicle weight

40 t – 120 t


4,700 mm – 5,100 mm

Custom Tailored Trucks

For made-to-measure solutions.

Mercedes-Benz has a proven track record when it comes to providing tailor-made solutions. With Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT), you can be sure of the perfect vehicle for your challenges, featuring Mercedes-Benz quality, backed by a Mercedes-Benz warranty. The CTT team provides expert advice and superb service, and has a network of excellent conversion partners.

As unique as your challenges.

Zetros was designed with custom mounted bodies in mind. It has an easy-to-modify frame, and can support heavy weights. It also has a low vehicle height, allowing specialized bodies to be fitted.


Quality vehicles, quality services.

Mercedes-Benz knows no limits when it comes to achieving outstanding quality – be it in its Zetros range of trucks or its broad service offering. And both are available worldwide.

Sales and financing.

Zetros can be tailored to meet your unique needs. The same holds true for Mercedes-Benz’s financing and leasing options – even for entire fleets. Your Mercedes-Benz partner is happy to advise you on your many choices.

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Mercedes-Benz boasts a trusted service network that comprises over 5,000 certified workshops across more than 160 countries. Each delivers the same consistently high level of customer care and support, including original spare parts.

No matter where you are located, Mercedes-Benz is close-by.

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