Unimog with Euro V and Euromot IV.

Unimog with Euro V and Euromot IV.

New generation of Unimog implement carriers now also available in Euromot IV and Euro V versions.

The current Unimog impresses with the latest generation of Euro VI engines, an ergonomic operating concept, an uprated transmission and new hydraulics. To ensure that users in markets outside Europe can also benefit from the advantages of the latest Unimog generation, Mercedes-Benz now also offers a corresponding Euro V version. Sales of a Euromot IV variant are now commencing in Germany. At the same time, production of the preceding U 400 / U 500 series is being discontinued.

The model designations will be retained.

The new models U 423, U 429 and U 529 in the Euro V and Euromot IV versions are powered by the modern OM 934/936 MDEG engines. The general model designation of the three new vehicle models corresponds to the basic concept of the current implement carrier model series.

Unimog implement carrier in Euro V.

In contrast to the Euro VI version of the Unimog implement carrier, the Euro V version dispenses with a diesel particulate filter, camshaft adjustment and HC metering. This reduces the operating and life cycle costs of the vehicle, e.g. by eliminating DPF regeneration and maintenance. The new Unimog Euro V/Euromot IV is also less expensive.


Emissions class Euromot Stage 4.

Emissions level Euromot IV (Tier4f) makes registration as an agricultural tractor or implement carrier possible in Germany. This registration also allows use of the vehicles for municipal services. The Unimog therefore meets the emission standard for tractor units. There are plans to achieve a tractor type approval for the EU, so that the Unimog can also be registered as a tractor in other European countries.

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